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      Skin rejuvenation PRP

      PRP-Platelet Rich Plasma-is also known as Plasma Rich in growth factors. The treatment can reverse almost all of the common aging signs in your skin, more often for areas of your face, neck, and hands. Unlike Botox, or other injection product for skin rejuvenation, PRP is not foreign body, instead, it uses your own blood and after some processing of the blood, only plasma rich in growth factor will be injected into your wanted areas. This makes this rejuvenation treatment hypoallergenic.

      Blood is made of white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets, and the platelets are rich in growth factors. The doctor uses a technique to concentrate the proportion of platelets in a person’s blood so that concentration in the processed blood can be many times more than a normal blood.

      The processed blood is then injected back into the patient and it will release growth factors into the cells specific to the location of the location. It will also stimulate collagen and it will ask them to create a fresher and healthier look.

      Skin rejuvenation is no longer limited to laser skin treatment, Botox, or Restylane. Now, there is a new trend in skin rejuvenation which is PRP.

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